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Interesting boring in American Conchologist
Date2011/7/11 9:42:00 Total[4361] click [Print]


I have an article about ishell boring on the June issue of American Conchologist.


Two conchologists(from Holland and from USA) wrote to me about their opinions. They are convinced that the trace in Fig 2,3, 5a,5b and 7 are not incompleted boring but caused by attachment of Capulus and/or  Hipponix species who scrape or dissolve the best resting area for its soft body. A simililar case is: within the genus Patella we see these scars sometimes on rocks where the snail always returns after feeding.

They are most probably right and I thank a lot for the comments.  I accumulated quite many boring shells but do not know all of them.   Still there are so many mysteries and uncertainty in this fascinating field and my search will continue. , , ,

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