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Oct 2007: Shelling trip in Shandong Province
Date2010/2/26 15:26:00 Total[4980] click [Print]


I had a shelling trip in Shangdong province in October 2007. Shidao fishing pier (literally means "Rocky Island") was my 1st stop.  It was called as the biggest fishing pier in north China.

Snails found in the small mounts nearby

Patelidae shells at the high-intertidal area. It was a pity to see all kinds of damages at the edges. pecimens in good condition were so difficult to get here.

Mid-intertidal areas: fierce competition among shells of Mytilidae, Littorinidae and Balanidae for limited stone space.

It seemed that the Mytilidae shell was the winner.

Scene of the low-intertidal area, prenty of seagrass. Here you can find shells of Trochidae, Muricidae(rocky shells), Columbellidae, Acmaeidae, Siphonariidae, Ostreidae, Veneridae, etc, as well as chitons.

Sand beach, seemed nothing at first sight. However, if you crouch down and remove the sand surface, you can find prenty shells of Trochidae.

Gravel beach, patience is required to search for all kinds of suprises

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