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Aug 2007: Alpine plants in Tibet
Date2010/2/26 16:15:00 Total[4083] click [Print]


I arrived in Lhasa on Aug 2nd, 2007. In its suburban area the Tibet barley was growing strong. The climate was similar to that of April or May in east China, when the wheat in field is heading. Summer as it was in other places, it was the spring to Tebit.

Below were pictures of flowers taken in Tebit, with altitude between 2700 to 3800 meters.




Uncommon colours with flowers in Tibet, dark purple or even pure blue.


I liked most the alpine plants living above altitude 4700 meters. They all closely bend to and adhere to ground (1 ot 2 centimeters only in height), still showing the remarkable tenacity to survive.

In the areas with altitude 5000 meters, a couple of weeks in July or August is the only chance for the plants to grow. Apparently they have adapted well to the adverse envoirnment. They bloom almost at the same time when they bud. Their scape (the stalk for bloom) strentch quicker and higher than the petioles.


Their leaves lie flat on the ground, a few millimeters only in size, while the bloom stick straight high in the cold wind. Those alpine plants have to hurry through its complete life cycle in merely 4 to 5 weeks, under extremely severe conditions yet still show their beauty and perfection to the utmost.



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