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My collection of Clausilids
Date2010/4/22 14:57:00 Total[4881] click [Print]


Clausilids are more oftenly seen in northern hemisphere, China is probably the largest habitat of this creature

They are less colourful compared to marines - from pale grey to dark brown or black

Some are with nearly full-transparent or translucent shells but in most cases are opaque.

Unlike most gastropods, Clausilids are basically sinistral with very few exceptions. 

Many differences in appearance can be observed.

Below are Clausilids from Yangtze River regions (Yangtze is also called as Chang Jiang River, it is the longest river in China, west to east). A bit monotonous, more or less.

Clausilids from southwest of China (Yunnan, Guizou and Guangxi Province) are much more variable.

Some are very thick and sturdy in shape 

Some has beautiful sculptures

Much different in mouths

Clausilids can be found outside China: East & Southeast of China, Europe, etc

Below are some Clasusilids from Japan

Clasusilids from Europe, from happy exchanges

Single or a couple of Clausilids are easily overlooked because of the size and dim colour. However, it is equally or even more impressive if you have dozens of species or more. Just image if you plate 200 pieces in one A4 paper - you can view them all at a glance.


(Above pictures were taken from my specimens for sale or sold already)

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