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Mangrove: home of thousands of creatures
Date2010/5/29 11:17:00 Total[5449] click [Print]


Dear friends, I am just back from my shelling trip in Techeng Island (South China, Zhanjiang, Guangdong province). Below is its satellite map

A magnificent intertidal area lies at the southeast of the island. High tidal with mangrove while the low tidal are muddy area.

A typical mangrove tree

Plenty of shells attach to its leaves

......And, many are found at its branches and truck also

...... Alao, oyster on the truck.

Nevertheless, the most lively part is the roots. Let us crouch over to have a close look.

Numberless holes at the stone of mangrove

.....Each stone has a home inside

Pictures I have taken and show here limits to shells only. However, mangrove is not only the promised land of shells, it is also the wonderful habitat of birds, insects and crustaceans. It is no exaggeration at all to call mangrove the sweet home of thousands creatures.

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